The Aluminum is a dactyl chemical element

nor soluble in water, and is most abundant metal on earth core, the application is bigger than oxigen an silicon.

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We are a group of companies with business units dedicated to the commercialization, production and transport of non-ferrous metals and alloys; we offer our customers integral solutions in:

Pickup and Recycling
Raw materials processing line to assure uniform particle size. Transportation equipment and containers for materials handling.

Worldwide commercialization

Production and Manufacturing

Hot Metal Supply
Logistics development to supply Hot Metal according to each customer’s specific requirements. Command of logistics offers advantages and savings in energy, waste, inventory, handling, productivity, etc.

Specialized transport
With permits and licenses to circulate in Mexico and the USA.

Processing of By-Products
Recovery and treatment of ‘drosses’, slag, zinc dust, galvanized powders.

Technical Services
Technical assistance for developing the refining of by-products.
Laboratory scale tests for new alloys.
Technical support for analyzing samples.