The Aluminum is a dactyl chemical element

nor soluble in water, and is most abundant metal on earth core, the application is bigger than oxigen an silicon.

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ARZYZ was instituted by Mr. Mario Sergio Ramírez Morquecho and Mrs. Angelita Reyna Zablah Zimery with the company Compra Venta y Recuperación de Papel y Cartón.

1980 The company initiated recovering metal from zinc drosses in crucibles.

1991 The company is distributor of Grupo Mexico in Northern Mexico.

1994 Two induction furnaces and two equipment for analysis were installed. Starting point of Master Alloys for galvanizing purposes.

1996 A high efficiency gas furnace was installed in order to consolidate the company as the main producer of zinc alloys in this country.

1997 Construction of a 51,667 square feet industrial facility. Four induction furnaces were installed. Development of the “Little Jumbo” shape for zinc, the first on the world.

1998 Association with Union Minere.

1999 Acquisition of equipment for aluminum alloys.

2000 Acquisition of equipment and technology for molten metal transportation.

2004 Distribution Agreement with ALCOA for Mexico and Central America. A production line including a rotator furnace was installed.

2010 Development of infrastructure for raw material preparation (shredder line).

2010 Unit consolidation to recover drosses.

2011 ISO 9001:2008 Certification in VARMOXZ.

2012 Improvement of the Milling System for drosses (DIDION).

2012 Improvement of furnaces with regenerative burners.

2012 Acquisition of a rotary furnace to perfect the drosses recovery process.